Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor


The Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor is a sleek designed and fully functional handheld baby video monitoring system that has secure video / sound transmission, a generous 2.5” screen and capacity to add up to 4 cameras into the setup.


Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor Review

Design and Build Quality

Design is always a personal choice, but for me I do much prefer the design that this system has over many of the other Summer Infant as well as other brands of handheld monitors.

The ‘Sleek’ in the name of this model does a good job of summing up what Summer Infant was trying to do, although I think that the sleek size and shape really more applies to the handheld monitor itself, with the camera being of fairly standard size.

All of the buttons and functionality of the monitor are well designed and incredibly intuitive to use, as are all Summer Infant monitoring systems.

The overall look of the handheld unit probably resembles a modern day cell phone more than any other unit on the market today.

The Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Monitor Grey is what you see it mostly referred to in terms of color, but really it is a very, very pale grey color, which is good in terms of being neutral.



This set comes with a 2.5 inch color screen built into the handheld unit, which is a nice enlargement over the more common 1.8 inch size.

The video reception of the unit is color during light / daytime conditions and black and white during dark / night time conditions.

In all honesty, in term of clarity, I think the black and white picture is better and offers a real distinctive picture, so much so that you can literally see every smaller detail of your baby at night time.

The color picture, although better than many (often more expensive) handheld monitoring units, can for many seem a little grainy.

This grainy look is not in any way detrimental to actually seeing and monitoring your baby effectively, but rather a comparison to some of the latest higher end full digital non-handheld systems that have recently emerged onto the market.

If you are looking for a number of other reviews on the internet, you may find a handful that comment on the lag of the picture.

The actual unit for the vast majority does not experience this, but for some they may well experience a poorer video reception due to factors outside of the actual Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld system.

The most common reasons appear to be moving a long way away from the camera itself, excessive interference signals from either their own house or from nearby signals or even due to blocked signal strength from wall or room barriers.

The system itself does a lot of the elimination of interference by having an inbuilt channel switching feature to find the clearest reception channel.



The sound produced by the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor system is second to none.

Summer Infant have really done a great job in incorporating the technology inside of their units to produce crisp sound with minimal interference which can also pick up the all important disturbance noises that are all so important when your baby is sleeping or waking from sleeps.

The Sleek and Secure set incorporates this same excellent quality.

One of the other popular features that this system has over most others is the two way sound communication.

Not only can you hear your baby, but you can also speak to them from the handheld unit through their camera near to them.


Multiple Monitoring

This is one of the major advantages that this handheld system offers over many others.

For those parents that are looking for a handheld baby monitoring system that may have twins, triplets or even more, or if you are just looking to add the video / sound monitoring capability to up to four rooms that your baby spends most time in then the Sleek & Secure is the ideal choice.

You can add up to four cameras into this system and the additional cameras are well priced, so the upgrades won’t end up costing you the same price as buying a whole new set.

The adding of the additional cameras is also super simple, which is a great benefit to those less technologically inclined.

If you do have more than one camera set up, then the system can be manually operated by a simple push of a button to switch between the different cameras or be placed on automatic mode that scans between the different cameras every 8 seconds.


Other Features and Functions

The whole system works on the 2.4 GHz digital frequency.

The transmission of both sound and video is sent and received in a secure manner, so to avoid any unwanted pickup from anyone else and is the reason for the ‘Secure’ in the model name.

The range of this system remains at a standard 350 feet, but you should realize that this is a straight line uninterrupted distance, but in practical terms more than enough for most houses and gardens.

The handheld unit comes with a handy belt clip whilst you wander and a flip out stand for when you don’t and want to just stand it on a table or such like.

Both the camera and handheld unit come with AC adapters and the handheld unit also comes with rechargeable batteries for full mobility.

The Summer Infant Sleek and Secure handheld unit can be plugged straight in to a compatible TV to provide sound / video.

The camera that you place near to your baby can be either wall mounted or used with its stand and placed on a flat surface.

The monitoring unit has an LED light system on it to alert you to sudden or rising noise levels from your baby.


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