I Love Boobies Keep A Breast Wristbands

I Love Boobies Keep A Breast Wristbands



The I Love Boobies Keep A Breast Wristbands, as you are probably well aware if you are looking for these, are a fantastically inexpensive and highly wearable way for you to support the incredibly worthwhile cause of raising Breast Cancer Awareness.

There have been several different versions of the Keep A Breast Wristbands in the past, but the popularity of the I Love Boobies bands through its ingenious slogan, has done a significant job in helping with raising awareness as well as a great deal of curiosity in the phrase and the subsequent understanding of the message and subject.

These easy to wear Keep A Breast Bracelets come in a number of different colors, including white/pink, blue/white, white/black, pink/white, green/white and black/white and the latest purple color. However, by far the most popular choice seems to be the multi pack of all six colors in the single bulk pack. Not only does it offer a bulk saving over buying each separately, but you also can change colors to suit your mood or clothes or do as many do and give some of them away to friends and family so that the message is spread even further and levels of awareness are raised even more so.


Video Message

This video featuring Jodie Nelson tells the real life story of both her mom that recovered from Breast Cancer and her friend that is still battling it. She offers some really good advice from experience as to how she helps her friend during the ups and downs of Cancer treatment and although everyone that has had some form of close personal experience with friends and family going through the ordeals of Breast Cancer, deals with it differently, there are some really interesting views expressed here about perhaps what the actual person wants and does not want to feel and here.

The video goes onto touch upon the main message and help that the Keep A Breast Foundation provides and stresses both the need for women to be aware of the issues, proactive approach and benefits of early diagnosis.

This video does a terrific job in highlighting the real world significance of this issue and underlines the need to support this cause through any number of ways, including wearing the latest Keep A Breast Bracelets or Boobies Bracelet as many like to call this version of the bracelet campaign.


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